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Reduce the tax burden on small businesses

Posted on: July 3, 2009

The ideal is not only an impressive chain of office or gold letters on the door. It is care, attention and work. You should think carefully before placing your trust in a lawyer because in some cases, all your life, time, money or property in the hands. In addition to research on the list of lawyers, you must ensure that no conflict of interest, you understand the entire state retainer agreement and check references and details on customs. You will know you chose the best lawyer if: 1. He made efforts to give the time to understand your case. He will not appoint a legal assistant to take the facts of the case below. 2. The experience and knowledge they know what is important and what is not. Regulated relevance and ignore the facts, opinions, feelings and clouds on this day. 3. He will insist that the feet are in all cases. All facts must be checked for accuracy and solid arguments jotted on earlier decisions. 4. This will not only focus on the issues at hand, but consider this question from all sides. This will create a complete picture of all the things that stress the importance of different ways and can access a case. 5. He will use his foresight and anticipate the movements of the opposition or opinion of the jury or the judge and the plan for the future. As the master chess player, he does not akan per day, but many in front of city hall. 6. He does not waste time beating around the bush or make a statement that connects directly with the word that seems impressive, but it is not significant. He will insist that the case and the arguments clearly stated. 7. Akan self disciplined, comprehensive, and self-confidence. Courteous at all times, you also respect for all staff. 8. It is recommended not only by family and friends but also by the good and the professionals in the field. 9. It’s not just about you, but victory will be happy to tell you how and why it will lose some cases. 10. He will put his cards on the table and indicate clearly the case that you win or you lose. He said that the victory is not guaranteed. He was honest and ahead of his opinions and suggestions. Finally, the lawyer must be worthy of your trust. Using the natural instinct and is not a lawyer or appear sophisticated car or office. Under the authority of the law and the court that the essence of you. All concerned about taxes and how to reduce the tax burden. If you have a small business, you need to know about your date with the tax laws relating to “the creation of small enterprises.” As a business owner must understand clearly about accounting systems and tax planning. Sit down with the accountant and the business plan how to keep spending, receiving, filing, planning on “tax saving” investments and strategies to manage the most valuable wise. Did you know: 1. By laws that reduce the tax by hiring family members to work on your business. You pay the wife and children to perform certain tasks. This way you can transfer from a higher tax to limit this. 2. Consider hiring independent, not entrepreneurs. You get a tax treatment. But make sure you meet the standards of the IRS. 3. Think about “deferring income” postpone receiving money to countries in December, January This means that payments received for the “tax” calculation for a year. But the accountant for advice on benefits depend on the income and loss for the year of your business and legal structure. 4. Take advantage of the tax deduction allowed for charitable donations. Make donations in November and December, not January, so that you can include a gift for the tax deduction for the current year. 5. Maximizing spending on equipment and office equipment. Buy in advance and use tax for the quarter, net permitted during the year at this time. 6. Includes business-related travel expenses for the current year. 7. Pay all fees before the end of the year. Payment for the service provider, rent, insurance, on public services and businesses can be included in the accounting and tax exemptions apply. 8. Pension and the payment plan before the end of the year. This will reduce the income tax for the year and because of proportional consolidation. Be sure to check the limit. Strategy plan feasible and beneficial to the accountant. 9. Make sure you withdraw money from income tax to pay for licenses, business taxes, and annual members of the organization of its affiliates. Ensure that the deduction of interest paid on borrowings of the business and related costs. Insurance premiums paid to secure the desktops and cases that are eligible for tax deduction. Create a list of members and see that it is entitled to tax deductions. 10. Check if you have reduced the cost of management and administration, and the money spent on maintenance and repair of equipment. Determine if a system of cash or accrual accounting that will benefit your business. Tax deductions are different depending on your system. When you’re promoting a small business to get professional advice on accounting and tax accounting is more appropriate.


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You have touched on some very good points for your readers to keep in mind.
From an estate and gift tax planning perspective your readers may be interested in my article entitled THE SILVER LINING OF A BAD ECONOMY: GIFTING OF SHARES OF STOCK IN A CLOSELY HELD BUSINESS. It explores the current tax advantages of gifting shares of stock in a closely held business when family members of multi-generations are involved. With a comprehensive example the writing explores how to combine various gift and estate tax strategies in a bad economy for maximum tax advantage to the family members involved in closely held businesses. It can be found along with another discussion about estate planning and will drafting called Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett: Estate Plan Wake Up Call at my blog at the following link:

Hope this is of value to your readers

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