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Strange New Ways To Combat Your Internet Addiction!

Posted on: September 16, 2009

I am addicted to the Internet. I am a busy working parent and still I find the time to check my e-mail, chat with my friends in Yahoo Instant Messenger, read news, forums and on and on.

I need “to know” and I need “to have” more than ever before. I want to get my latest news. I want to spread the news to my on-line and off-line friends, who, I might add, are doing exactly the same. I need to get a new book or … shoes or … gadget just because it is there and easy to buy, no need to drive and look for parking at the mall. Don’t you love these FREE shipping offers? All this is in addition to already being entertained on the Internet watching YouTube, listening to iTunes etc. Do you do the same?

It is not hard to find out if you’re addicted to the Internet. Do you find that when you get online you’re frequently surprised by the amount of time that has passed? Do you find yourself staying home instead of enjoying a beautiful day outside because you’d rather use the Internet?

A recent study from Stanford University School of Medicine found that more than one in eight Americans show signs that they could be suffering from some form of internet addiction.

How do you cure this problem? Google “Internet Addiction” and log on to a bunch of websites? Instant Message other sufferers? Join an Internet support group? Or buy self-help books from our favorite on-line store (after performing an extensive price comparison)? You might as well offer a drink to an alcoholic trying to cure his addiction.

In China, parents send their children as young as 12 to the first officially licensed clinic for Internet addiction at the Beijing Military Region Central Hospital. That is after their kids skip school to spend time playing online games and visiting chat rooms. These kids are admitted suffering from depression, nervousness, panic, fear, agitation, unwillingness to interact with others, sleep disorders, the shakes and numbness in their hands. The daily schedule at the center begins at 6 a.m. and includes electric shock treatment and the administration of intravenous drips to “adjust the unbalanced status of brain secretions”.

This sounds a little extreme to me. How about a gentler American way of approaching this problem? How about using a new high-tech device called SnoopStick?

SnoopStick is a very small USB flash drive device that will allow someone to fully monitor and limit your access to the Internet from any other computer on the Internet. Just run the set-up program on your computer then unplug the device and give it to your trusted friend. Your friend will plug Snoop Stick to any Windows-based computer (in her home or office) and at any time will be able to monitor your Internet use and disable your access to the Internet if needed. You can also specify the times when you will be able to access Internet and SnoopStick will enforce this schedule.

Stay aware, alert, and in control of your Internet with Snoop Stick.

Watch the video demonstration and get more information on SnoopStick from


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