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Seven Reasons to Invest in Romania Real Estate Properties

Posted on: November 10, 2009

Romania – famous for its beautiful palaces and castles, wonderful liquors and food, Dracula, dazzling women is a beautiful country located in central-eastern Europe. It is the 12th largest country in the Europe. The economy of Romania has shown potential growth in the past few years. Since 2000, Romania has shown a rhythmic growth of 4.5% raised by 8.3% in 2004.

The current economy statement in Romania is steadily increasing the levels of GDP and significantly high levels of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The economy investment grade has recently been upgraded by Fitch and P&S. Romania benefits from the rising FDI flows due to the privatization process, and the advantages of its big internal market

Romania is also having a great geographical location at the intersection of some great trade routes joining the Far East with the Western Europe. With population of more than 20 million people, Romania has a large domestic market. After having such great property investment opportunities, Romania is continuously attracting more and more foreign investors to invest in Romania. Stable and encouraging government of Romania is the other reason which is creating great investment opportunities in Romania. The Real estate market in Romania is growing at a rocket speed. Following are some best reasons for investing in Romania.

Reasons to Invest in Romanian Real Estate Property:

1. With strategic and visionary efforts by Romanian government, the economy is becoming stronger and stronger over the years. Romania is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe.

2. Falling inflation and increasing employment are two other boosters of rapidly growing economy. Inflation has dropped to 7.5% low in 2005 from 22% high in 2002. Unemployment rate also fell to 6.2% in 2006 with less than 3% in capital Bucharest which is far lower than the many other developed European economies. With under control inflation and falling unemployment rate Romania is confidently creating the strong property buying opportunities over the country.

3. Foreign investment in Romania is increasing drastically. From 2001 to 2005, foreign direct investment in Romania has reached over 5000 million euros and more 8000 million euros added in 2006. With 55% of FDI in capital city Bucharest, major companies from all over the world are coming to invest in Romania.

4. Along with capital city of Bucharest, other cities in Romania like Brasov, Transylvania, Craiova, Constanta and Iasi are also attracting investors. Transylvania is the Romania’s biggest tourist asset and the expected to attract more investment with immense number of investment opportunities. One more golden opportunity where investors want to invest is in Brasov, the most visited city of Romania. Having facility of international airport, Brasov is also linked with new motorway for fast transportation.

5. Report given by investment experts says that house prices in Romania are expected to increase by 4 times higher over the next 10 years. In past few years, property prices are already raised by 25%. Even such a great rise, property price in Romania are still 20-30% lower than the other eastern European countries.

6. After accession to the EU in 2007, the real estate market in Romania has been influenced dramatically. EU funding to Romania has been invested into the infrastructure development in road, hospitals, schools, bridges etc. EU funds will help to create more jobs and therefore potential customers seeking to buy/rent properties.

7. Low tax rates are the other main reason to invest in Romania. Romanian government has set up a flat rate of only 16% for corporation and income tax. Such low and fixed rate of tax is powering Romania to draw more foreign investors seeking for new business places.

Some other secondary factors are also responsible for great investment opportunities in Romania. Romania has great network of international airports with two in capital Bucharest. Developed and fully facilitate ports in Romania is also boosting its economy drastically. Romania has huge network of telecommunication systems equipped with modern telecommunication equipments. Also there are nearly 48 industrial parks.

As far as it looks, the boom is yet to come! Buying property in Romania will be great ROI in near future. So what are you waiting for? Invest now in Romania for your better future.

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