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Uncategorizing Skunk Anansie

Posted on: December 8, 2009

Skunk Anansie blazing frontwoman has a characteristic that would intimidate most grown up men. It is much like the kind of feminine aggressiveness that she conveys to her music. Face the truth – Skin is the very heart and soul of the band, their identity.

Most fans are pulled into Skunk Anansie because of Weak?, an amazing lead off single taken from their debut album Paranoid and Sunburnt. The song emerged during the time rock was having a female revival female rockers ruled the charts. Skin voice is terrifying in its power – it is the sonic counterpart of her actual personality.Weak demonstrated how a black female rock singer can give a hit with the best of them. The album was an overwhelming debut that combined funk, rock and metal into an ultimate mix that sounds new if uncategorizable.

Skunk Anansie pursued two more respect able album releases, 1996 Stoosh followed by 1999 Post-Orgasmic Chill. The last two albums carried on their funk-rock-metal hybrid type of music in songs with a superb Skin spewing more wraths.

The band deserved rightfully to become a big success, but it is quite their hard-to-pigeonhole music that might have been their own downfall. I guess an typical music listener will no be able to grasp or understand such a powerful, eclectic sound the one that dares to defy categorization. An average listener is used to listening to labels. Well, Skunk Anansie is not the sort that would be classified by such.

Skin and company forthcoming release of a Greatest Hits album shall hopefully draw an entire new generation of rock fans. If you are the listener who has the ears to girl-fronted rock bands (but not the sort like Paramore or Evanescence) who boast true grit just like L7 or Kitty, better check out Skunk Anansie. You’ll never regret!

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