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Investment bottelnecks removed for the Mid- Atlantic Branch of Angel Investment Network

Posted on: December 10, 2009

Read the papers today, and you’ll feel like start-ups are a rare breed in 2009.  Many sources say less people are starting up companies, albeit successfully too  citing the lack of investors available as one of the top reasons. But perhaps they are not looking in the right places.

A paper in Philadelphia (Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News) recently did a story in which a start-up CEO almost seemed to feel like securing angel investment was easier in this market than before.  And it makes sense, since less competition combined with more places to look for funding make this a good time for companies to secure investment.

It is true that angel investors are becoming more cautious, and one will need a strong, convincing business plan (or some already existing activity) in order to secure such funding, but this has always been the case.  However, sites such as the Mid-Atlantic Investment Network help potential entrepreneurs and existing start-ups alike find more channels in which to reach these investors.

Many companies will look to raise Seed Capital from a wide variety of courses, including friends and family.  But the Mid-Atlantic Investment Network allows members to look beyond that, with the ability to broadcast your plans to other potential investors online.

While technology remains one of the top niches in angel investment (such as the recent development by an entrepreneur in Maryland to develop software that uses facial recognition technology to determine who can see the content on-screen), other fields are also attracting entrepreneurs and angel investors these days.  Our network has active investors and entrepreneurs in fields such as Real Estate, Retail, Business Services, Transportation, Health Care, Entertainment, Agriculture and more.

A wide range of investors are members, including various angel investors from within Mid-Atlantic regions such as Delaware, Maryland (including Baltimore), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, etc), Virginia, West Virginia and Washington D.C, but also features investors located across the country and internationally.

Join the Mid-Atlantic branch of the Angel Investment Network today and find someone to help get your business off of the ground.

The Mid-Atlantic Investment Network currently includes a wide range of entrepreneurs based in based in Delaware, West Virginia and Washington D.C. Looking for Angel Investors located in the US and countries all over the world. For Investment Opportunities and Seed Capital visit us now.


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