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Angel Investment Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Denver, St. Louis and Kansas City

Posted on: January 8, 2010

During the current economic climate, there are factors that entrepreneurs look at more closely when it comes to starting up a business. The “where” and “how much” factors become a bigger part of the decision, as one looks to trim any unnecessary cost factors. Gone are the days where if you were technology based, you’d set up in Silicon Valley or if you needed to network with business contacts – set up shop in New York. Ironically, thanks to modern day technology, you can set up in a much wider range of locations.

Entrepreneurs look at factors like the ease of recruitment, and as a result – have looked into the central states of the US, such as Colorado, where the workforce is well educated, quality of life is good, and cost of living is a big step lower than on the coasts.

With hopes up about stabilisation of the economy, this is a great opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business start ups alike to take things to the next level. Over the last few years, several angel groups and individual investors have started to set up shop in cities like St. Louis (such as the Arch Angel Investor Network), again bucking the general trends.

On the Central Investment Network – entrepreneurs in the Central states of the US get another chance to connect with angel investors. Members can get their business ideas and plans out to hundreds of local investors – and since Central Investment Network is part of the Angel Investment Network, members can connect with thousands of other investors from around the world. In fact the network grows continuously, with branches in over 40 countries and investments occurring both on a local and international basis.

Of course, the plans have to be well thought out and organised, as while entrepreneurs may have less competition, the investors are also more choosy. Still, there are signs that more successful angel investment strategies such as venture capital investments are occurring within the central states. While some venture capital backed companies have gone bankrupt this year in the U.S, almost all of them are California based, and none of them are in the states that the Central Investment Network covers – which includes Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Utah & Wyoming.

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