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Reloadable Debit Cards Really are Clevercash

Posted on: January 10, 2010

Just like ordinary gift cards, reloadable debit cards can provide anyone with a convenient way to make and receive payment. Basically, you load your debit card with funds from your bank savings account or credit card and then you are good to go. When your card balance is low, you can repeatedly load some more money to use it. You can use this type of card in places and establishments that accept such card. And recent figures estimate that there are over twenty million stores worldwide that accept this type of debit card.

Reloadable debit cards actually allow people to fill in most, if not all their basic financial needs. By allowing users, especially online shoppers, to have a usable card with no questions asked, debit cards can surely become the currency of the future. Not having a bank account or not having a good credit rating is not a problem if you apply for this type of debit card. And if you are a small company, you can even use this type of debit card to pay for your employees. This type of card payment option is really all about versatility and dependability, that’s why it is increasingly becoming popular.

Basically, reloadable debit cards are the same as ordinary prepaid cards. However, debit cards are often offered by reputable financial institutions and are accepted in most retail stores, online or otherwise. While it is true that you need to pay for your debit card application and some service charges, this type of payment card typically does not charge for interest. After all, the amount that you put into your debit card is your own money and not the financial institution’s. And if you really want to control your spending, you can even set a limit as to the number of transactions in which you can use your debit card.

Truly, if you are still carrying your paycheck in your pocket everyday, you are not cleverly using cutting edge payment option available to you. Also, if you are still bent on using cash every time you make a purchase, you are seriously limiting your buying options as almost all types of establishments nowadays accept electronic money. With reloadable debit cards like, you can easily get approval without the hassles of credit background check. And because it is not a credit card, you do not pay interest nor receive monthly billing every month. Best of all, you can use it to shop online and buy products from all over the world without going over your budget.

Visit Clevercash to find out more about how reloadable debit cards can benefit you.


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