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Financial Awareness for Women

Posted on: February 1, 2010

How many times have your heard: Money is Power? Plenty, I bet.
But, Power is not always about money; bearing children is more powerful than money, more powerful than knowledge. Frankly, procreation of a species is the most powerful position in any society, any living organism.

Here’s the irony the most powerful gender has in fact historically had the least amount of control, entitlements and freedom. Clearly women were viewed as threatening. And, the dominator rather than the partnership model for the most part has driven societies. The partnership model requires collaboration, cooperation, and is supported by inclusiveness rather than focusing on the differences between entities. The dominator model is very self focused and thrives on competition creating a singular winner verses team victory.

Is it any surprise then that some of the most famous women in history, who had power, had an untimely death.
All of our societies have been shaped by men evoking spiritual powers emanating from ritual knowledge that then crossed political means, creating and fostering male bias. That male bias has marginalized women throughout history.

So, it’s not so much that women have financial concerns as much as the root of disproportionate power that then gets displayed into the arena of money. How do women manage their shame about money when the underlying issue is about ultimate control, a lack of entitlements and the fear of loosing their current freedoms?  Reducing the financial shame is the benefit of building self-awareness. Gaining actual tools for financial concerns is a step in the right direction.

Financial workshops for women are few and far between. Having debt elimination tips only deals with the surface. To achieve true financial stress relief, one must dig under the surface.

Sometimes financial management workshops will include a section on how to pick a financial advisor for women. These suggestions often make me wary because of the inherent gain a financial planner might garnish. Whereas hiring someone who is remunerated not by commission, but by retainer I think makes better sense.

But, a financial advisor for women really needs to understand what is going on under the surface. Long term financial management women will very often understand the issues faster than their male counterparts.but, as I call it: Bankspeak, is not a relegated to men only.

Understanding the premise that one’s self-esteem can be directly connected to one’s handling of money, the only way to gain financial stress relief is to heal the underlying damage. That takes courage, honesty and accountability. This is the best financial problem solution for women.

The Financial Whisperer helps you in reducing financial shame with the help of effective tools for financial concerns. Financial problems are rooted in emotional pockets and healing is a creative emotional process.


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